School Trips to Berlin

School trips and excurions to Berlin are a very popular destination and excellent for schools looking for a History or German Language theme to their school trip in Berlin.

Schools visiting Berlin really get to see living history! No other city in the world can claim to have been such a focal point of 20th and now 21st century history. Capital of Prussia, of Bismarck’s united Germany, of Hitler’s Nazi Germany and of the re–united Germany since 1990, Berlin is now once again fittingly the seat of German Government.

A city with a turbulent past, Berlin was the symbol of Germany’s division and also a flashpoint between the Western Allies and the Soviet Union, whose countries’ tanks faced one another in 1961, threatening to start a third World War until the Soviets withdrew.

In 1948 the Western Allies’ Airlift enabled the West Berliners to survive an 11–month Soviet blockade of the city and on 13th August 1961 the infamous Wall was begun as some 160,000 East German refugees had already fled to the West in that very year.

For 28 years, the Wall divided the City until it was re-opened on 9th November 1989. At least 100 people had died trying to cross it. Now the City is re-united and a symbol of the removal of the Iron Curtain, giving the Ossies and Wessies the far-from-simple task of going forward together. A massive building and transport-restructuring programme is already well developed, as any visitor to Berlin will see and the population of 3.5 million is growing rapidly. Your school trip to Berlin will let your students experience a vibrant city at an exciting period of its history.

A carefully selected school excursion programme around the Berlin area will bring your students face-to-face with modern history, surely an experience they will never forget, making this an ideal destination for History school trips as well as German Language school trips

Public transport links within the city and between the city and our hotels are excellent and highly efficient, and we would recommend that you experience this during your school trip in Berlin.

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