First World War Battlefields – The Somme

The Somme is an excellent destination for History school trips covering the World War I Battlefields.

Two towns, Albert and Péronne, have come to symbolise World War I and mark the start and end points of the way–marked Circuit of Remembrance.

Albert in particular retains a symbolic importance for the British. The statue of the Golden Virgin on the town’s basilica, which was hit by a German shell in January 1915 and came to be known as the “Leaning Virgin”, gave rise to a belief amongst the troops that its fall would mean the end of the war.

Albert is the ideal starting point for a World War I themed school trip, with an exploration of an area which includes Beaumont–Hamel and the nearby Newfoundland Park, the British WWI Memorial to those who fell with no known grave at Thiepval, the hugely impressive Lochnagar Crater at La Boiselle and the memorial to the Welsh Division at Mametz Wood.

Although Albert is accessible from many parts of the UK as a World War I school day-trip destination, we would recommend that schools stay at least one night in this region, possibly combining their stay with time in the Yprès Salient area of Belgium for a complete overview of the significance of this historical region.

Additionally, a very popular school trip is the Amiens Christmas Market, with a warm and festive feel this day trip or tour has plenty of choice to suit all tastes and always receives positive feedback from our customers. Savour a French feel of Christmas and buy some of your presents at the same time!

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