4th February 2020

Following the United Kingdom’s withdrawal from the European Union, we have now entered an ‘implementation period’ until the end of December 2020. During this time, the United Kingdom will retain many of the advantages of community membership while its future relationship with the bloc is negotiated, and documents such as the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) will continue to be valid. Furthermore, contrary to previous guidance issued by HM Passport Office, travellers do not require any additional validity on their passports beyond the period of travel. We have also been advised that Collective Passports will continue to be valid for the foreseeable future.


For European nationals travelling on EU passports, these documents are unaffected by the United Kingdom’s withdrawal, and providing all residency requirements are met there should be no change whatever for the purposes of travel. Those party members travelling on non-British and non-EU passports may, as has always been the case, have to meet certain additional requirements. Visa requirements by destination can be found on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s website (www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice). Furthermore, the British Council has a programme for visa-free travel for educational visits which may be of assistance; for more information, please call them directly on +44 (0)1619 577 755.


The arrangements after December 2020 are currently still subject to negotiation. However, we have every reason to hope that school travel will very much continue as usual. We will, of course, monitor this very closely as the negotiations progress, and will update our guidance as appropriate once more is known. In the meantime, we hope you will find this information reassuring; if, however, you have any further questions or comments whatsoever, please do not hesitate to let us know.