Germany is a fascinating and varied destination for school tours and is the obvious choice for MFL pupils studying German. It is the ideal place for your students to practice their language skills, and from the magic of the Christmas Markets and picturesque beauty of the Rhineland, to the vibrancy of modern Berlin, this many-faceted country will inspire an appreciation for German culture which is sure to last a lifetime.

Germany is also the natural destination for History tours with a Twentieth Century focus, having been at the epicentre of European history since the founding of the Prussian-led German Empire in 1871. Indeed, as the crucible of National Socialism in the inter-war years, the country was the key battlefield in the European theatre of the Second World War and continued to be a focal point for international relations throughout the Cold War.

The federal country is furthermore an interesting study for those studying politics, having been host to all manner of electoral systems and political ideologies during its relatively brief history, before re-emerging in 1990 as a united federal democracy which would go on to play a key role in the evolution of the European Union. Indeed, Germany’s usually strong economy and its booming export trade also make it an excellent case-study for those studying business or economics.

Easily accessible by both road and air, Germany is a splendid destination for your next school tour and, due to its location, is easily combined with other destinations, especially the First World War Battlefields in France and Belgium. The proximity of Germany to France also makes it an ideal part of an inter-departmental German and French trip, with cities such as Strasbourg and Freiburg just over an hour’s drive away from one another. We can furthermore tailor-make a tour to any destination within Germany, even if we have not mentioned it on our website. Why not contact us today and let us help you start planning your perfect German tour?

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for Germany, including information on security and local laws in addition to passport and visa requirements, please click here.