You do not have to cross the channel to experience a wealth and variety of cultures. The United Kingdom’s manageable size makes it the obvious choice for a number of subjects, and the use of English makes subject matter more easily accessible for those not studying a modern foreign language.

For students of history, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales each have their own complex and interwoven histories, and our collective ‘island story’ is one with which every British school child is familiar. From the stages of high politics in London, to the local histories which surround every castle and fortified manor house, Britain is full of historical treasures waiting to be discovered. For other humanities, too, there is boundless scope for educational advancement. English theatre and literature are among the best in the world, and the works of William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw and Alan Bennett continue to be performed and reinvented to show the various facets of British life throughout the centuries.

Meanwhile, there are numerous interactive exhibitions for those studying science and mathematics, all designed to demonstrate both the practical applications and theoretical bases of a number of concepts and processes. Students of geography will revel in exploring the United Kingdom’s varied eco-systems and micro-climates, not to mention the country’s sensational coastline.

Whatever your subject, we are sure that we will be able to build a tour package which engages with your exact learning objectives. Why not contact us today and let the journey begin?