Experience Futuroscope: a theme park with a difference! Known as “the European Park of the Moving Image”, the park has grown substantially year on year since it opened in 1987, both in the size and number of attractions offered, and remains at the very forefront of technology. Indeed, Futuroscope is one of the most educational theme parks in Europe, and its scientific attractions address a diverse number of subjects and topics, including human biology on the Virus Attack simulator; astronomy and astrophysics on the Hubble Mission 3D adventure and the Cosmic Collisions multimedia exhibition; cybernetics and robotics on the Dances with Robots ride; ecology and biodiversity with Born to be Wild, Deap Sea 3D, and the 8th Continent experiences; and renewable energy systems in the Energy Garden exhibition. Please click here to visit their website.

Nearby is the historic town of Poitiers, one of Europe’s oldest centres of learning and home to an array of beautifully preservered churches and religious buildings, including the Baptistère Saint-Jean, reputed to be the oldest surviving Christian building in France. This rich ecclesiastical heritage makes it an interesting destination for Religious Studies trips, and the region’s long-standing connection with the history of the Kingdom of England also makes it an excellent destination for history school trips. Indeed, Poitiers and the nearby Loire Valley are full of castles and other historic buildings, and as the birthplace of Stephen of Blois, and home to Eleanor of Acquitane, is the ideal place to take young historians studying the Normans, the Anarchy, or the Plantagenets and their Angevin Empire. Alternatively, the reconstructed works of Leonardo da Vinci at his final residence, the Manoir du Clos Lucé, are sure to fascinate art and technology students alike.

Whatever your subject specialism, Futuroscope, Poitiers and the Loire Valley offer an array of options; why not contact us today for more information?


Les Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Hugely significant to the histories of both England and France, and breathtakingly picturesque, the châteaux of the Loire Valley include the Château d’Amboise, one-time royal residence and the earliest example of renaissance architecture in France, and the Château de Villandry, with its extensive ornamental gardens. We will tailor-make your tour of the châteaux to engage with your exact learning objectives and can include as many, or as few, visits as you would like.

Guided Tour of the Old Town of Poitiers

Dubbed the “City of One Hundred Bells”, Poitiers has a history stretching back two millennia, and features an array of interesting and historic buildings, including Notre Dame la Grande, le Palais des Comtes de Poitou and la Cathédrale St. Pierre. Your guide will talk you through the fascinating story of the former comital seat and bring to life the history which pervades this picturesque and charming town.

Of course, the above excursions are only a sample. We will tailor-make your tour to engage with your exact learning requirements, and our information packs contain details of our extensive excursion package. Why not contact us now to request more information?


We can cater to any requirements which you may have, and work with a number of centres and hotels in the region, including:

Hotel du Futuroscope

Forming part of the Futuroscope complex, this recently refurbished hotel offers groups comfortable and convenient accommodation within easy walking distance of the park. With 290 rooms, all with private facilities and accommodating between 2 and 4 students, with adults in twins or singles, this hotel is perfect for groups of all sizes. A meeting room can also be reserved on request.

Hotel du Parc

Also located on the Futuroscope site, just a short walk from the park, this simple, clean and very friendly hotel is ideally adapted to the needs of visiting school groups and is the perfect base for your stay. All rooms have private facillities, with students in rooms of between 2 and 5 beds, and staff in twins and singles. The hotel has a large reception area and meals are taken at the neighbouring restaurant or in the park.