Aachen, the gem of North Rhine–Westphalia, has certainly enjoyed a richly diverse cultural history. Also known as Aken and Aix–la–Chapelle, the town has long been a subject of dispute between France and Germany, and now includes stretches of border with both Belgium and the Netherlands. Aachen’s strategic importance in Northern Europe has made it a city of great significance since Roman times, but Aachen’s Golden Age was surely in the early mediaeval period when it served as the capital for Charlemagne’s great Frankish empire. Indeed, the magnificent cathedral built by Charlemagne stands in proud testament to the wealth and power of Charlemagne and his royal successors, many of whom were crowned within its walls, and it is reputed to be the oldest cathedral in northern Europe. A short distance from the cathedral is the Rathaus, a later civic building with a series of famous frescoes recounting the life of Charlemagne.

Although a splendid destination for German language tours, history tours and religious studies tours all year round, Aachen is perhaps best visited at Christmas, when the Franco-Germanic mediaeval ambience of the city serves as a back-drop to some of the most extensive Christmas markets in Europe. Set in the idyllic surroundings of the city centre, this is without doubt an unforgettable and very ‘German’ experience with all kinds of goods, food and drink on offer, and located just five hours from Calais, is within easy reach for a day trip from much of the United Kingdom. Why not contact us today for more information?


Guided Walking Tour of Aachen Town Centre

There is no better way to explore this medieval city than on foot, and this tour will guide you round the old town and take you to all of the main sights of the city. Led by an English-speaking guide, your pupils will be taken on a journey through the fascinating history of this once great capital, and in addition to the main landmarks will also take you to some of the town’s beautiful fountains and gardens. Please note that this tour does not include entry to the buildings, but we are happy to arrange this separately for you, should you wish.


This popular theme park is situated in Brühl, near Bonn, and is one of Europe’s largest amusement parks. It has a wide range of rides and attractions, including the famous Colorado Adventure, which has been voted as one of the best Mine Ride rollercoasters anywhere in the world! As well as a plethora of rides, Phantasialand also has a variety of shows, and provides visitors with a uniquely German experience which they are sure to remember. Please click here to visit their website.

Day Trip to Cologne

Cologne is a wonderful city to visit in conjunction with Aachen, and the two cities are within an hour’s drive of one another. Please click here to visit our Cologne page for more information on the excursions which we offer.

Of course, the above excursions are only a sample. We will tailor-make your tour to engage with your exact learning requirements, and our information packs contain details of our extensive excursion package. Why not contact us now to request more information?


We can cater to any requirements which you may have, and we work with a number of hotels and centres in Aachen, all of which are ideally located and well suited for school groups. Please contact us today for more information.