In an increasingly competitive global market place, Business Studies provides pupils with a valuable insight into today’s corporate world. At Schools Into Europe, we passionately believe that business practices and processes can only be fully understood in context, and that is why we offer a varied excursion and destination package, which is designed to illustrate the multi-facetted nature of commerce and industry in the Twenty First Century. Why not see below for some of our most popular destinations, or contact us for more information.


London is the perfect destination for a business studies tour and, as one of the world’s most important commercial and banking centres, has a plethora of visits and excursions. These include corporate visits such as the Coca Cola Education Centre, as well as more commercially tailored excursions such as the former Olympic Park and Westfield Stratford City and the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Meanwhile, for those interested in the world of big business we offer guided tours of the City of London, as well as workshops in the London Stock Exchange. Why not include some of the major tourist attractions in your visit, including the London Eye and the London Dungeons, themselves excellent examples of commerce in the tourism sector, or some time shopping on Oxford Street, arguably the most important retail space in the country? Please visit our London page for more information.


Paris sits at the epicentre of modern French commerce and is an excellent destination for a business studies tour. Incorporating established tourist attractions, including the Tour Montparnasse, the Eiffel Tower and the Bateaux Mouches, as well as more varied commercial undertakings such as the legendary Stade de France and Disneyland® Paris, our business studies trips to Paris will focus on your exact learning objectives, and are sure to bring the subject to life in an engaging and memorable way. With the recent opening of the Louis Vuitton Institute, Paris is also the ideal place to study the legacy of business in art and culture, and the role which such activities play in growing awareness and trust in brands and companies. Please visit our Paris page for more information.


Far from being just a rural idyll, Normandy has some of France’s most important towns and cities and is a fascinating destination for a Business Studies school trip. From small family-run Calvados distilleries where the manufacture and marketing of the region’s eponymous drink are explored at length, to the sprawling container port of Le Havre, the largest in France, our Business Studies tours are crafted to provide an excellent cross-section of business, with an ability to emphasise particular themes and concepts where desired. Always popular are our food-based visits, including chocolateries, boulangeries, biscuiteries, goats cheese and honey farms, which in addition to providing a sound example of small to medium-sized enterprises, are also simply delicious! Please visit our dedicated Normandy page for more information.


With one of the strongest industrial economies in Europe, Germany is an excellent case-study in Twenty-First Century Business, and has a range of excursions suitable for your next Business Studies tour. These include visits to the Mercedes and Volkswagen factories, as well as food-based visits such as the Chocolate Museum. Please visit our Germany page for more information.


Belgium is a fascinating microcosm of economic activity within Europe and contains a surprising variety of enterprises for its size. From the breweries which underpin its world-famous ale industry, to international conglomerates such as Coca-Cola, your pupils will be guided through the production process and see exactly how the products are marketed and shipped. Brussels, meanwhile, is a hub of commercial activity, where big business sits alongside the institutions of European government in a truly international setting. Why not visit our Belgium page to learn more?

Of course, the above is just a sample. For more information on a number of alternative destinations, including Milan and Barcelona, please click through our destination pages or contact us for more information.