John Locke famously once observed that where there is no law, there is no freedom, and we at Schools Into Europe strongly believe that a sound understanding of legal principles is intrinsic to any well-rounded education. Indeed, it is surprising the difference which even an elementary instruction in law can make, and whether your pupils are aspiring barristers or rising academics, an understanding of the modern age’s complex legal provisions and institutions will surely set them in good stead. We are accordingly delighted to be able to offer tailor-made law trips to our customers, which we design on a case-by-case basis to engage with your exact learning objectives. Please contact us for more information on your chosen destination, or look below for a little inspiration.


The British Capital is awash with suitable visits for the young student of law. From the Victorian majesty of the Houses of Parliament, to the Middlesex Guildhall opposite, home of the UK Supreme Court, and the Royal Courts of Justice on the Strand, London’s famous legal institutions have provided the back-drop to many of the world’s most significant cases and rulings and are sure to fire your pupils’ imaginations.

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With the formation of the European Court of Human Rights, the supra-national European legal system was born, and with it the endless debate which surrounds its scale and scope. Let you pupils explore the rich and interesting history of this venerable institution in its Strasbourg home, and let them debate the true meaning of what does and what does not constitute a ‘human right’. Otherwise, head north to the Hague for the International Court of Justice, judicial arm of the United Nations, and the International Criminal Court. Beyond human rights, these institutions embody perhaps the most far-reaching applications of law, and are an ideal venue for your pupils to explore the difficult and complex relationship between law and morality, or guilt and culpability.

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