We all know the importance of Maths, but demonstrating the value of its practical application in the real world to children can be difficult to do in the classroom alone. That’s why we at Schools Into Europe have created a series of Mathematics and Numeracy programmes which are designed to show your pupils the many spheres which rely upon Maths, and the many ways in which our day-to-day lives are shaped and structured by it. Whether it’s a shorter day trip to one of the many local centres such as @Bristol, or a longer tour further afield, we will work with you to ensure that your exact learning objectives are engaged with and your desired outcomes met. Why not contact us today for more information, or look below for some inspiration?


We will tailor-make your Mathematics tour to any destination, but if you need a little inspiration, why not click on the links below to look at some of our most popular destinations for maths school tours? Please note that the following pages are just a sample; if you wish to visit any destination not listed here, do please just contact us and one of our specialists will provide you with more information.


Perfect for a day trip or shorter tour, London is full of visits and excursions designed to illustrate the various ways in which Maths is used. From the world-famous Science Museum in Kensington to the Bank of England Museum in the heart of one of the world’s most important financial centres, your pupils are sure to return with a heightened appreciation for the achievements of some of the world’s most eminent mathematicians. Slightly further out is the Bletchley Park Museum of Computing, immortalised for its cryptanalytical role in the Second World War, while those looking for some more novel visits will love the geometric workshops run by the Victoria and Albert Museum and St Paul’s Cathedral, which show the power of Maths in Art and Architecture respectively. Why not click here to visit our dedicated London page?


Barcelona is a splendid destination for a Maths school trip, being both a key regional and financial centre and a charming city to visit. Where better for your pupils to debate and discuss matters of finance than in the shadows of some of Spain’s most influential banks in the Plaça de Catalunya, or for them to learn first-hand the importance and application of exchange rates while shopping on Las Ramblas? You can also visit the important Barcelona Stock Exchange, where the significance of interest and exchange rates is brought to life in the daily dealings of the financiers. Meanwhile, nearby is the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi’s masterpiece and arguably one of the most geometrically interesting and avant garde pieces of architecture in the world. There is also the recently renovated CosmoCaixa Science Museum, which explores a number of scientific and mathematical themes in a series of interactive exhibitions. Please click here to visit our dedicated Barcelona page to learn more about this vibrant Catalan city.


With a pleasing variety of excursions, Paris is an obvious destination for your next Maths tour. Known throughout the world for its landmarks and architectural beauty, there is nowhere better to witness the fusion of art and geometry than Paris, where grand boulevards sweep perfectly along their historical axes, which stretch across the city in harmony with each building. Indeed, a number of excursions in Paris offer dedicated learning resources to those studying Mathematics, including the observation deck at Tour Montparnasse, which, in addition to sensational views, has a series of interactive displays designed to get your pupils thinking about Maths and Numeracy. In terms of museums Paris has many to offer, including the Cité of Science and Industry, where your pupils can see first-hand the multifaceted applications of Maths in the modern world. There is also the Palais de la Decouverte, which has a number of dedicated Maths exhibitions, designed to fire your pupils’ numerical imaginations. Why not complete your tour with a visit to Disneyland® Paris, where mathematics work booklets will add a unique learning component to their time in the park? Please click here to visit our Paris page and let your journey begin!


This theme park with a difference is the ideal destination for a Mathematics or Numeracy school tour. With a variety of 3D and interactive rides, this theme park is unique in its scientific and mathematical approach to rides and attractions and is truly a place which brings Maths to life. Why not consider incorporating some time in Paris or nearby Poitiers into your tour? For more information on this splendid excursion, please contact us.