Our Company prides itself on the high standard of its Geography tours, which are designed to complement the topics and themes taught on the National Curriculum. Whatever the focus of your proposed Geography tour, we can offer a broad and relevant excursion programme which will bring the subject to life for your pupils outside the classroom. Whether it’s a shorter tour to Wales or a destination further afield such as Italy or Switzerland, our Geography tours can be tailor-made to suit your requirements and incorporate your fields of interest. Our Geography tours can also be combined with the Humanities or Modern Foreign Languages departments in your school to create an interdisciplinary tour, which will appeal to a wider range of students.


We can tailor-make your Geography tour to any destination, but if you need a little inspiration, why not click on the links below to look at some of our most popular destination pages? Please note that the following pages are just a sample; due to the diversity of available subjects, we are unable to list them all here. Please contact us for more topic -specific information.


We now offer unforgettable school trip experiences to Iceland, a country rich in opportunities to discover the Earth’s ongoing natural geological processes. Perfect as a complement to GCSE and A Level studies, our most popular excursions include the Golden Circle tour, taking in the impressive Gullfoss waterfall, Geysir, with its regular geothermal eruptions, Thingvellir National Park, where the mid-Atlantic ridge can be observed as the American and Eurasian tectonic plates pull apart centimetre by centimetre each year, and a geothermal power plant, where students can learn about the science behind harnessing Earth’s powerful heat to serve local towns and cities. In addition, our groups can improve their volcanic knowledge at Volcano House, spend time in Reykjavik, witness the beautiful Northern Lights, visit the Blue Lagoon’s natural thermal springs and study glaciers on Iceland’s south coast. Not to be missed!


The stunning scenery and dramatic mountainous landscape of Snowdonia National Park make it an ideal destination for Geography tours. Here, students can focus on the effect of deglaciation in the region, through a range of interesting excursions and activities including walks through the Cwm Idwal and Nant Ffrancon valleys, with their interesting rock formations, rare and fragile flora and beautiful glacial lakes. At Llanberis Pass, as well as studying postglacial landforms, groups can visit the Electric Mountain Centre and have an underground tour of Dinorwig Power Station, before boarding the Snowdon Mountain Railway for the journey to Mount Snowdon’s summit, where the breathtaking views are sure to impress. Please click here to visit our Wales page.


With its rugged coastal landscape and iconic sites including Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii, why not choose the Bay of Naples as the destination of your proposed Geography tour? Here students focus on the effects of tectonic processes and the importance of hazard management through visits to the ancient towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum and of course a walking tour of Mount Vesuvius itself. A tour of the Phlegraean Fields includes a visit to the Solfatara volcanic crater in Pozzuoli, which still emits jets of steam and sulphurous fumes, and during an underground guided tour of the Pertosa Caves by boat, students learn about the formation of stalagmites and stalactites. Not to be missed.


Barcelona and the surrounding Costa Brava region provide the perfect destination for a Geography tour, offering a broad range of learning objectives. In Barcelona, discover how the redevelopment and regeneration programmes prior to the 1992 Olympic Games have affected the city, through visits to Port Vell and Montjuic. A guided tour of Garrotxa Natural Park can focus on many themes, including volcanoes and lava flows, forests and mountains, or tourism impact on ecosystems. Through visits to some of the many local coastal resorts, learn about beach management and compare coastlines, or in the Montserrat mountain range, appreciate the rock formations and distinctive climate. Please click here to visit our Barcelona and Costa Brava page.


The diverse landscapes of the French and Swiss Alps are a popular choice for Geography tours. Here, students focus on glacial landscapes and processes while visiting one of the many glaciers in the region, including Bossons Glacier and Mer de Glace ice cave at Chamonix or Aletsch Glacier and Glacier 3000 in Switzerland. The magnificent Emosson, Mattmark and Grand Dixence Dams all demonstrate management of the Alpine landscape for both economic advantage and hazard control; and visits to the Grottes de Vallorbe and Bex Salt Mines provide a geology focus. From the many cable car rides or mountain train journeys on offer, students can really appreciate the unique beauty and geographical diversity of the Alpine region. Please click here to visit our France page.