Italian may not be spoken internationally by as many people as its European counterparts, but as a language of music, art and poetry it is second to none. Indeed, as the Romance language most closely resembling Latin, the language possesses a venerable history which stretches back millennia, and an understanding of Italian puts the wisdom of the ages at your fingertips, not to mention the vibrant cosmopolitanism of modern Italy! Where better to practise this beautiful language than under the hot Italian sun, where the musicality of Italian mingles with Italian music on the warm Mediterranean breeze? In addition to our varied excursion programme, we can also offer language courses to add a more formal educational component to your tour.


We can tailor-make your Italian tour to any destination, but if you need a little inspiration, why not click on the links below to look at some of our most popular destination pages?


Rome has always been at the heart of Italian life, and as the successive political, cultural and religious capital of Europe occupies a unique place in the history of that venerable continent. There is surely nowhere better to explore the ancient origins of the Italian language, or to explore the multifaceted character of life in Modern Italy, which is a country, despite the rather recent date of its unification, perhaps more rooted in its past than any other. Please click here to visit our Rome page.


For those wishing to appreciate the economics and businesses which enabled Italy’s industrialisation, Milan offers an unparalleled opportunity to explore the professional application of the Italian language. Florence, meanwhile, offers visitors a unique harmony of language, form, art and architecture, and cannot be missed by those studying Italy’s pivotal role in the renaissance. Bridging the gap is Venice, whose commercial past stretches back to the medieval period, and whose vast empire provided the practical means for a number of the Renaissance’s most celebrated elements. Whatever your interest, northern Italy’s formerly indepedent city states are sure not to disappoint, and are the perfect destination for those studying the Italian language in context. Please click here to visit our Northern Italy page.


Very different from its northern counterpart, southern Italy, once the land of the Two Sicilies, is truly the home of la dolce vita. Surrounded by the glistening waters of the Mediterranean, and possessed of much unspoilt natural beauty, there is surely nowhere more picturesque to practise your Italian language skills, or to sample some authentic Italian cuisine! Please click here to visit our Southern Italy page.