The ancient world makes a fascinating study and has a surprising relevance to the modern day. From the elaborate and often verbose democracies of Ancient Greece and Rome, to the socio-political divisions which characterised the later Roman Empire, the classical world has many echoes in modern history which can only be properly understood through the study of these once-great civilisations. At Schools Into Europe, we firmly believe that ancient history can only be fully understood through visits to the many theatres in which this history took place. The skill and consideration with which these civilisations built their cities and monuments has left a wealth of remains across Europe, from single monuments to entire towns, and whatever your period and study focus, we will ensure that we create a tour which engages with your exact learning objectives. Why not contact us today for more information, or look below for some inspiration?


These are some of our most popular destinations for Classics school tours. As Europe is full of archaeological sites and museums, we are not able to include them all here; if, however, you would like to visit a destination not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be delighted to tailor-make your package for you.


Once the capital of the ‘civilised’ world, there is nowhere like Rome to demonstrate the wealth and variety of the ancient world. Show your pupils the sprawling ruins of the forum, once the economic and political centre of the Roman world, and let them explore the faded opulence of the once spectacular Palatine complex, home to successive emperors and their Barbarian successors. Or else head out to Ostia Antica to see the preserved buildings of Rome’s former port town, an excellent study in Roman urban life. For those studying Augustus and the birth of the principate, meanwhile, where better to discuss the impact and legacy of Augustus than in the shadow of his mausoleum, or at the Ara Pacis Augustae, a shrine to the era of the Pax Romana which he began? Whichever era of the Roman Republic or Empire you are studying, Rome will certainly not disappoint you. Please click here to visit our dedicated Rome page.


Sitting in the sinister shadow of the awesome Mount Vesuvius are the conspicuously well-preserved towns of Pompeii and Herculaneum, whose destruction, loss and subsequent discovery have become a thing of legend. Incomparable in their extent and the degree of their preservation, these towns are an obvious destination for those studying the growth of urban living in the Roman Empire, and provide visitors with a unique insight into the multi-faceted lives of Roman town dwellers. Please click here to visit our Southern Italy page for more information.


Home to several archaeological treasures, including the famous obelisk in the place de la Concorde and the Venus di Milo, Paris is a splendid destination for your next Classics tour, and benefits from being much closer to the United Kingdom than its Italian alternatives. Let your pupils explore the treasures of the Louvre Museum, or else have a guided tour which explores this great city’s own fascinating origins. For more information on Paris, please click here to visit our dedicated Paris page.