As a Welsh company, we pride ourselves on the high standard of our Welsh Language and Culture tours, which provide pupils with a fantastic opportunity to practise their language skills in a real-life setting whilst immersing themselves in the unique culture of Wales. Whether it’s a day trip to Cardiff to visit our proud capital city, a tour to North Wales with a literature focus, or a fun-filled weekend to the St. David’s Welsh Festival at Disneyland® Paris, your pupils will be exposed to a variety of Welsh linguistic and cultural features which are sure to bring to life the language which they study in the classroom. We can also arrange for your pupils to have language lessons during their tour, providing a splendid academic component to the tour which will complement their learning outside the classroom.


We can tailor-make your Welsh language or culture tour to any destination, but if you need a little inspiration, why not click on the links below to look at some of our most popular destination pages? Please note that the following pages are just a sample; if you wish to visit any destination not listed here, please contact us for more information.


Easily accessible and rich in history, South Wales, the home of our proud nation’s capital, Cardiff, is a highly recommended destination for Welsh Culture tours and day trips. With a broad excursion programme covering everything from Welsh politics, history, sport, science, performing arts and much more, we can tailor-make your itinerary to focus on any aspect of Welsh life and culture. Highlights include historical castles, coal mines, national museums and iconic landmarks such as the Senedd and the Millennium Stadium. Also worth exploring are the beautifully scenic Brecon Beacons and South Wales’ second city, Swansea. Please click here to visit our Wales page.


Ideal for Welsh Language tours, North Wales is rich in literary history and natural beauty. Our varied excursion programme will give school groups ample opportunity to practise their language skills, while learning more about Welsh historical and literary figures including Hedd Wyn, Kate Roberts, Siwan and Gelert. Snowdonia National Park provides the perfect backdrop and is well-worth exploring – home of slate mines, steam railways, rolling hills, and many charming towns. Why not include a visit to Llanfair¬pwllgwyngyll¬gogery¬chwyrn-drobwll¬llan¬tysilio¬gogo¬goch? Challenging students to correctly pronounce the world’s longest name is bound to test the most confident of Cymrophones! Please click here to visit our Wales page.



Why not add a different element your Welsh Language and Culture tour by visiting another country? A tour to Brittany will teach students of Welsh about the Celtic connection that Wales shares with this Western corner of France. While exploring the beautiful coastal landscape and picturesque towns and villages, students can learn how Brittany is similar to Wales in character and sprit. It is also fascinating to compare the Welsh and Breton languages, where the similarities are obvious, for example in many of the local place names. Furthermore, a tour to Brittany is the perfect cross-curricular destination, which can be tailored to include a French focus. Please click here to visit our Brittany page.


The St. David’s Welsh festival has become an extremely popular event for Welsh schools, combining all the fun and thrills of a visit to Disneyland® Paris with a host of Welsh-themed events, including Mickey and Minnie dressed in their Welsh national costume and music, dance, crafts and culture from the land of rolling green hills and song! A traditional Welsh choir, face-painting and fireworks create a true Welsh spirit with magical entertainment. Schools Into Europe can even offer your school choir, music group, or dance troupe a once-in-a-lifetime experience of becoming a Disney performer for the day, making it the perfect tour in conjunction with your school’s Music department. Please click here to visit our Disneyland® Paris page.