There has arguably never been a more interesting time to study the politics of the United Kingdom and the United States than now. With the rise of minority parties in the United Kingdom, and that of hard-line sections within existing parties in the United States, an ideologically fractured political world has emerged in both countries. Both the United Kingdom and the United States meanwhile face unprecedented criticism of their current and historic international roles, and concerns regarding fiscal viability and supra-national sovereignty continue to frame a wide range of other socio-cultural debates. This is the fascinating world of politics which our trips bring to life, by showing pupils the many spheres and arenas in which such debates as these are held. Why not see below for a list of our most popular destinations, or contact us today for more information?


Capital of the United Kingdom since its formation in 1707, London has for centuries been at the very heart of British politics, and continues to be the seat of central government for the entire Kingdom. From the gothic splendour of Westminster Palace, to the palaces of bureaucracy which line Whitehall and the simple Georgian elegance of Downing Street, London is full of visits whose names have become eponymous to the institutions they house. Where better to discuss freedom of speech than in Parliament Square, or constitutional monarchy than in the shadow of the Victoria Memorial? Or where more apt to discuss Britain’s economic balance than at the top of the Shard, the United Kingdom’s tallest building and a testament to the power of commerce? Whatever the focus of study, London is sure not to disappoint. Please click here to visit our London page for more information.


In an age of supra-national politics, no student of the British political system can neglect to study the importance of the European Union and its effect and impact upon British political life. Since the time of its conversion from the EEC, the European Union is now a sophisticated and complex entity, which is interwoven into the fabric of British law through a series of treaties and Acts of Parliament. For thus studying this process, there can be no better destination than Brussels, where the famous Parlamentarium will talk them through the procedures and processes of the European Parliament. Otherwise, why not visit the official seat of the Parliament in Strasbourg, which also hosts the European Court of Human Rights? Please click here to visit our Belgian page, or here to visit our Strasbourg page for more information.


Following devolution, London is no longer the only city in which the power of national government is invested, and both Edinburgh and Cardiff make ideal venues in which to study and debate the advantages and pitfalls of Britain’s devolved constitutional settlement. Both the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly are housed within striking modern buildings, quite distinct from their Westminster counterpart, and offer the visitor an unparalleled insight into the work of the devolved governments and their impact upon life in Scotland and Wales. Please click here to visit our Wales page for more information on Cardiff, or contact us for a tailor-made quotation for Edinburgh.


For those studying comparative politics, there is no better destination that Washington D.C. Possessing a constitutional federal democracy, the American political system is surprisingly different from its British counterpart and includes theoretical concepts such as the Separation of Powers which have been taken straight from the Classical world. Let your pupils see this unique and fascinating system first hand in Capital City, seat of the Federal Government, Congress and the Supreme Court, and let them explore the many museums and monuments and discover and debate what it means to be ‘American’. Please contact us today for more information.